2 Ukrainian Sailors to Return from Pirate Captivity

The two sailors are the last of 12 captured by Nigerian pirates


Photo Ukrinform – UATV

The last two crew members of the Ark Tze and the Anuket Amber, who were captured last year by pirates will return home.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin announced the sailors’ return on Twitter.

The Anuket Amber cargo ship was seized near the coastline of the Republic of Congo on Oct. 29.

The same day, pirates attacked the offshore supply ship, Ark Tze, which had 15 crew members.

In total, the number of kidnapped seamen from that two vessels was 12 people, including Ukrainians, Latvians, Filipinos, Russians, and Indonesians.



Source UATV
date 05.01.2019
categories Ukrainians in the world
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