200 Million Hryvnias to Be Allocated to Kyiv Schoolchildren

The cabinet of ministers and Kyiv City State Administration allocated money for the New Ukrainian School program


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In Kyiv, the budget for the New Ukrainian School project was doubled.

The Kyiv City State Administration allocated 130 million hryvnias or almost $5 million towards the project. Another 70 million hryvnias or nearly $3 million were allocated by the cabinet of ministers.

The New Ukrainian School is a key program of the Ministry of Education and Science, whose main goal is to create schools that will provide students with not only knowledge but also the ability to apply them in life. It is a part of Ukraine’s efforts to reform the educational system in the country.

The funds will be spent on repair work, and buying modern furniture, computers and educational materials for first graders.

“Nearly six thousand hryvnias or $230 per first-grader are provided within the framework of the New Ukrainian School,” said the head of the Standing Committee of the Kyiv City Council on Education, Science, Family, Youth and Sports, Hanna Starostenko.

According to Starostenko, the successful implementation of the project is possible upon the conditions that sufficient funding will be provided, new educational environment in institutions will be created, and teachers will be prepared to teach according to the new educational standards.

“It is important for us not just to fulfill all the conditions of the reform and to buy everything you need, but really create an educational space that will ensure the success of the planned transformations,” Starostenko added.

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date 16.05.2018
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