27th International Charity Fair in Kyiv

National cuisine, souvenirs and other attractions from 47 different countries - all in one place, only at Charity Bazaar. The 27th international charity fair in Kyiv was an event not to be missed.



The red, blue and orange flag flies at the annual charity fair by the International Women’s Club Of Kyiv for the first time. Diplomats of Armenia are among seven embassies that are newcomers at this year’s event.

“We tried to present everything we could and at every price range, so to speak. We presented some varieties of our national dish dolma. So it’s starting from that and ending with different souvenirs. And of course, the very famous and popular Armenian cognac and our wines are also gaining momentum,” an employee of the Embassy of Armenia to Ukraine Nouneh Zastoukhova said.

“We’ve got some real Armenian dolma, lamb dishes, pork, beef, and vegetarian dishes with сhickpea. It’s delicious, wrapped in grape leaves. People love it, they keep coming back to have some more and to take some home with them,” Tetiana, a volunteer, said.

Each of the 47 embassy stands attracted crowds of people at the charity fair. Visitors tried national dishes and tasted the local beverages of the countries represented. Some of the visitors return to Charity Bazaar every year to once again taste their favorites — like, for example, the “moose milk” at the Canadian stand.

“First, you have to catch a moose, tie it to a maple tree, and only then you’ll be able to get some milk from it. Seriously though, it’s a secret recipe of ours and it doesn’t involve moose at all,” Olha, a volunteer, said.

“It’s great. We and our friends just come here to have some of that moose milk,” visitor Andriy Starzhynskyi said.

The event was also a feast for the eyes and ears as visitors enjoyed the performances, dance, national ensembles and choirs. There were also charity competitions and lotteries.

“I have the feedback from the embassies, they are happy to be here. Happy to see that so many people came. It’s a nice opportunity to try different beverages or meals, to buy souvenirs and national products,” Soňa Zemanová, a Charity Bazaar organizer, said.

“This money will go towards charity projects. It’s very important. It’s organized by the International Organization of Women, who live in Ukraine. The fair gets bigger year after year. I bought a lot of presents for my family today,” acting Minister of Health of Ukraine (2016–2019) Ulana Suprun said.

The organizers are still counting this year’s proceeds. Last year the event raised $120,000, which was used to help people with disabilities and persons displaced by the Russian occupation.


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date 01.12.2019
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