30-Day Demonstration in Defense of Prisoners of Kremlin Finishes in London

Activists intended to continue action


Ukrainian demonstration in London

Photo from Ukrinform-UATV

Volunteers of  London Euromaidan staged a 30 days demonstration in London, demanding the release of Ukrainian political prisoners of Kremlin and captured sailors, reports Ukrinform.

“As a sign of support of the 30-day martial law in Ukraine, volunteers of London Euromaidan and friends of Ukraine from many countries held a 30-day demonstration against the walls of the office of the British Prime Minister to draw public attention to the prolonged Russian aggression against Ukraine and the fate of 70 illegally detained Ukrainians and 24 sailors, prisoners of war,” noted organizers.

Volunteers said that the Head of the British government saw the action.

Activists of the union “London Euromaidan” also assured that they are going to continue staging demonstrations weekly, on Wednesday evenings.

date 28.12.2018
categories Ukrainians in the world
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