42 Million Tons of Crops Harvested in Ukraine


Photo Facebook / Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine


Ukrainian farmers have harvested ​​10.6 million hectares of cereals and legumes, which is about 69% of the foreseen area. As of September 21, 2019, 42.4 million tons of grain has been threshed, the press center of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy reported on Facebook.

In detail, farmers harvested:

Corn — 2.7 million tons from the area of ​​452,000 hectares (9%);
Buckwheat — 65,000 tons from the area of ​​48,000 hectares (71%);
Millet — 131,000 tons from 71,000 hectares (79%).

Farmers also harvested ​​3.4 million hectares (58%) of sunflower fields, 7.5 million tons of grain at an average yield of 22.1 centners per hectare. 675,000 hectares (43%) of soybeans.

Also harvested was 791,000 tons of beetroot from the area of ​​17,000 hectares (98%).

The autumn sowing campaign continues. 1.6 million hectares of area has been sown with winter cereals or 22% of the foreseen.

Source UATV
date 21.09.2019
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