48th International Molodist Film Festival Starts in Kyiv

The 48th International Molodist Film Festival has opened in Kyiv.


The red carpet was rolled out to celebrate the 48th International Molodist Film Festival in Kyiv.

The 9-day competitive program is renowned around Eastern Europe for promoting young, professional cinematographers. The event features an international and national contest, student films, short films, and a packed non-competitive section of Ukrainian movie screenings.

The film festival’s history dates back to 1970. Back then, it was a 2-day review of student short films.

Now, it’s one of the largest movie forums of Eastern Europe. This year’s festival features four competitive and nine non-competitive programs. Organizers received over two thousand submissions from nearly a hundred countries.

Andriy Khalpakhchi, the general director of the Molodist festival, dedicated his opening remarks to Ukrainian political prisoner Oleh Sentsov, who has been held behind bars in Russia for nearly five years.

“I can not forget about one important person who also started his path at the Molodist film Festival. This is Oleh Sentsov, a Kremlin prisoner who presented his first film ‘Gamer,’ right here, in this hall,” he said.

The first award was presented at the opening ceremony. A gong was handed to British film director and screenwriter Peter Greenaway for his contribution to the world of cinema.

“I’ve certainly received one of two awards in my 40-year career but I have never received one which actually has a diamond in it!” he said.

Molodist Film Festival will last until June 2, so the next week for sure will be quite busy for any film lover.

Source UATV
date 26.05.2019
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