5 New Members for 2 Years to UN Security Council

The Security Council now has five permanent voters and five non-permanent


Photo from 24tv.ua

From January 1, 2019, five new non-permanent members joined the United Nations Security Council. They will work in the Council for two years.

The Security Council now has five permanent voters (Britain, China, France, Russia, and the United States), as well as five non-permanent members. The mandate of the non-permanent ones ends at the end of 2019, Voice of America reported.

Among the countries that joined the security council at the beginning of this year are Germany and Belgium. They both call for a stronger European Union role in decision-making at the UN. Germany, in addition, calls for UN organizational reform.

Ukraine also proposes Security Council reform, calling for restrictions to veto power for countries that are party to conflicts, such as Russia. Ukrainian representatives are also advocating for an increase in the number of Eastern European representatives at the UN General Assembly meeting in November.

Source VOA
date 02.01.2019
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