59 Found Guilty So Far for Maidan Crimes, Hundreds of Cases Still Unresolved

Charges have been filed against a number of former Berkut officers and government officials for their role in violence against the Maidan protesters


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Ukrainian courts found 59 persons guilty in Euromaidan cases, Ukrainian outlet Radio Svoboda reported.

“In general, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies reported 445 suspicions in this category of cases, including 48 officials, 228 law enforcement officers, including 27 investigators, 20 prosecutors, and 23 judges. 195 indictments have submitted to a court against 298 people. 59 people were found guilty of crimes,” the article cites the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in response to the outlet’s request for comment.

The Euromaidan cases is an umbrella term for dozens of criminal proceedings and investigations, gathered in one investigation process. The crackdown of the protest on November 30, 2013, the murder of Serhiy Nigoyan, Mykhailo Zhyznievsky, Roman Senyk, Yuriy Verbitsky, the executions and shootings on February 20, 2014, are just some of the cases.

Since 2014, these cases had been investigated by the General Prosecutor’s Office. However, the cases are now being handled by the newly created State Bureau for Investigations.

The head of the SBI, Yuriy Truba, stated on November 4, 2019 that the investigation of the Maidan cases will be suspended due to the transfer of cases from one body to another.

“5,000 volumes will be handed over to new investigators. Five years of the work, that has to be redone from scratch,” he said.

A lawyer representing victims, Yevheniia Zakrevska, launched a hunger strike on November 22, 2019 after the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine failed to vote for the bill which would have left the cases with GPO instead of shifting them to the SBI.

Source Radio Svoboda
date 30.11.2019
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