63 Low-Cost Flights Opened in Ukraine So Far in 2019

Demand for international travel both from and to Ukraine is behind the increase in flight options


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63 new low-cost flights to well-known European and international resorts have been opened for Ukrainians in 2019, Novoye Vremya reported.

According to data from the Ministry of Economic Development, every year more and more Ukrainians go on vacation abroad. In 2018, 4.5 million Ukrainian citizens visited foreign resorts. Tour operators are confident that demand will continue to grow.

Operators cite new flights opening up nearly constantly as well as economic and currency stability as the main reasons more Ukrainians travel abroad.

However, there has been a decline in interest of Turkish destinations and the number of flights to Turkey is expected to decline by 10% to 15% this year.

In addition to Ukrainians traveling abroad, tourism to Ukraine has also seen increases as more and more foreigners visit Ukraine.

Source Novoye Vremya
date 28.06.2019
categories Tourism
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