84-Year-Old Polish Model Spreads Hope

Lights, camera, action - with a full face of makeup, wearing a chic, green dress, 84-year-old Helena Norowicz models in front of the camera during one of her many photo shoots


Helena Norowicz has not always been a model. In fact, the former Polish actress embarked on a new career at the age of 80 when she became a muse for a well-known Polish designer duo.

“In general, when women turn 50 they are usually crossed off as ones that cannot still be active professionally. They become invisible, no one pays attention to them. So, what is happening now, and I hope in the future, women will stay active as long as they want to be active,” Norowicz said.

Her modeling career, gives her the opportunity to inspire other seniors, helping them to believe in themselves and encourages them to follow their dreams.

“What is happening to me right now is like a second life to me, which I was given after turning 80. The life that I like a lot, to show people they shouldn’t lose hope, to believe in yourself, to inspire them to follow their dreams and desires,” Norowicz said.

Norowicz said she is happy with her new life and hoped women of retirement age would stop being invisible and would stay active professionally.

Source Reuters
date 05.07.2019
categories Culture
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