A Lively Competition

Medical students competed in a competition to see which team could most quickly and effectively save lives


Restarting a heart, saving a choking baby, applying a tourniquet, and stopping bleeding are a few of the challenges that students of medicine faced in a competition against each other.

“The algorithm of first aid provision envisages a certain time frame. And sometimes there’s just not enough time. If you make a single mistake, the outcome can be lethal,” medicine student Oleksandr Zubakin said.

In preparation for the competition, students took additional courses For six months where they practiced on dummies.

“We practiced to do effective CPR. It’s very important to know how to use the external defibrillator that should be available in public places. We worked on our skills like stopping the bleeding by applying domestically produced tourniquets, as well as individual bandage packs,” competition organizer Oleh Kortavyi said.

These kind of skills may come in handy in real life.

“I once had a situation like this. I was on vacation at the seaside. A person inhaled some water and passed out. I got my parents to help. We dragged him to the shore and I saved him,” medicine student Iryna Honcharenko said.

It was the intense training that gave her the confidence in that extreme situation, Honcharenko said.

“The nerves went away at once. I pulled myself together and was rather satisfied with my actions in the end,” she said.

Intense training also helped at the competition. All the teams completed their list of tasks with a full hour to spare.

“The preparation is satisfactory. The guys really grasped the material. They not only retained their skills but improved them,” competition judge Andriy Samodurov said.

The trophy went to the team who performed the tasks effectively and in the shortest time of all.

“I’m lost for words! I’m lost for words! When we graduate we’ll leave something to remember,” competition winner Oleksa Malko said.

All teams showed a good level of preparation, the instructors say, so in truth everyone’s a winner.

Source UATV
date 14.04.2019
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