African Soldier in Donbas

Among those defending Ukraine's territorial integrity on the front line, there are fighters from the United States, Georgia, Belarus, and even Sudan. Our correspondent met Ahmed, a soldier from East Africa

Ahmed came to Ukraine from Sudan 13 years ago. He studied engineering at a university in Poltava. There, he met a girl, fell in love, and decided to stay in Ukraine. Now, they have two children together.

“She also studied in Poltava. We met at a birthday party, started dating, and decided to start a family together,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed’s native language is Arabic. He also speaks English and Russian and is currently learning Ukrainian.

Ahmed went to the front line six months ago. He signed a 3-year contract but plans to keep fighting until the end of the war. He says that Ukraine has become his second motherland.

“Without an army, there will be no peace. And no war. In 2016, there was a decree that foreigners can serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces if they want to. I haven’t acquired Ukrainian citizenship yet, but my children already live on this land. They see and hear everything. I decided to come here to make sure that they can sleep peacefully at night,” he said.

Source UATV
date 14.09.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation, News releases
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