Airship Airlander 10 to Get Electric Propulsion

Airlander 10 is the world's largest airship and able to lift extremely large and heavy objects

Photo Facebook/HybridAirVehicles


Airlander 10 is a hybrid airship designed by the British company Hybrid Air Vehicles for the needs of the United States Armed Forces. Its length is 92 meters and its width is 43.5 meters, the press service of the Hybrid Air Vehicles company reported.

The high price finally led to the closing of the project, so the decision was made to redesign it for other spheres, including civil use.

Now Hybrid Air Vehicles has received a $1.4 million investment, set for the creation of an all-electric propulsion system for the Airlander 10. Its capacity should be 500 kilowatts. It is assumed that the project will take three years.

The prospects of the project will be possible only after flight tests of a new type of engine onboard the Airlander 10. The airship made the first flight in 2016. The unit crashed during the tests and was seriously damaged in November 2017.

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date 01.05.2019
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