Albania Rocked by Earthquake

The Balkan country suffered structural damage and injuries


Photo AP/Hektor Pustina


A 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook the Tirana and Durres in Albania. The quake injured 105 people and damaged hundreds of homes. No fatalities were reported.

The country has recorded more than 100 aftershocks after the initial tremor. Authorities reported around 600 homes that were damaged as well as knocked out power and water facilities in Tirana, Durres and other areas as well. The government has set up shelters for the people whose homes were damaged as inspectors checked the damaged properties, as reported by AP.

Photo AP


Defense Minister Olta Xhacka, speaking at a Cabinet meeting on September 22, 2019, felt one of the aftershocks and said “luckily oil wells were not damaged.”

Albania is prone to earthquakes with minor seismic activity registered every few days.
Source The Associated Press
date 22.09.2019
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