Ambassador: Involving Google in Russia’s Information War is Unacceptable

The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States has taken Google to task for showing Crimea as Russian territory

Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States of America Valeriy Chaly appealed to the management of the Google that the Crimean peninsula is incorrectly marked as part of Russian territory on “some [versions of] maps of the corporation,” the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA reported on Facebook.

In an official letter, sent by the Ambassador to Google, Chaly stated that involving the well known worldwide corporation into Russia’s information war by spreading propaganda (showing Crimea as Russian territory) is unacceptable.

Chaly wrote that “The situation around the incorrect presentation of Crimea in Google Maps is in total disregard of the clear and unwavering position of the US Administration, US Congress and United Nations,” the Embassy informs.

“Google representatives have repeatedly highlighted Google’s policy focused on the development of information technology beyond information warfare in public statements and interviews. The Ukrainian Embassy in the United States hopes that the world-known corporation will continue to adhere to such high standards and will correct the incorrect presentation of the territory of Crimea in all Google Maps versions in accordance with international norms and documents, as well as the official position of the United States,” the statement emphasizes.

The statement of the Ukrainian diplomat comes after Google’s announcement about the “correction of the error” that caused a small number of Russian iOS users to see the Crimean peninsula marked as Ukrainian territory.

The corporation was forced to acknowledge the “mistake” after Russian lawmakers threatened a more forceful response if Google failed to correct the so-called error before April, Meduza reported.

“In a press statement, Google explained that it complies with local laws regarding the depiction of international borders while making ‘every effort to show disputed regions objectively,'” the article says.


Source UATV
date 07.03.2019
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