Poland Exhibition Pays Tribute to Fallen Soldier Who Fought for Ukraine

Okuyeva fought on the frontline in Donbas as a member of the Kyiv-2 battalion

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In the Polish Parliament, an exhibition was opened, dedicated to Amina Okuyeva, a Ukrainian-Chechen soldier and a participant in the Revolution of Dignity who died in 2017, Poland Radio reports.

“We wanted to show this exhibition in Poland for several reasons. First of all, to show among the partners, among allies, the struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression. In the Sejm we see many deputies who go to the front, who are in Ukraine, who support Ukraine,” Ukrainian Ambassador in Poland Andriy Deshchitsa said, “Secondly, we want to convey to the world that the war continues in Ukraine. And, unfortunately, this war has tragic pages. Such a tragic page is the death of Amina Okuyeva. But on the other hand, her life, her struggle is a symbol of the confrontation of Russian aggression.”

Okuyeva fought on the frontline in Donbas as a member of the Kyiv-2 battalion. Photos from that time can be seen at the end of the exhibition in black and white. There are also color photographs of Okuyeva, smiling and joyful.

“She was so open and childlike-direct that sometimes when I looked at her at classes or workouts, she reminded me of my children. This is a person with a pure soul. In fact, there are so few in the world,” major of the Special Police Regiment “Kyiv” Sergey Shapoval said.

“She always felt that she had to perform some mission, and she was looking for it. There are people who feel their destiny. She knew that she would not live for a long time. She lived exactly 34 years, 5 months, 25 days and 17 hours. From her very birth, she was unusual. And from the very beginning, I knew that Amina would always be natural and behave in different situations as she thinks. In Moscow, in the fray of 1999 and 2000, after the explosions of dwelling houses that were initiated, Amina dressed in hijab and did not take it off. She was not afraid to wear hijab then, although it was virtually impossible to walk peacefully in Moscow. She was a free person, and this feeling of freedom was the most important for her,” Okuyeva’s mother Irina Kaminska said.

Okuyeva was born in Odesa. She had both Polish and Chechen blood. Together with her family, she lived in Moscow and Grozny. In 2001, she participated in the Second Chechen War on the side of the defenders of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. She returned to Ukraine in 2004 to study. When Euromaidan began – she joined the Self-Defense Forces, and with the beginning of Donbas war, she joined the Kyiv battalion.

“She fought for the independence of Ukraine and believed that Ichkeria would once again be free,” Shapoval said.

“She gave her life for her homeland,” Kaminska said.

Okuyeva died October 30, 2017.

Since the beginning of Russian aggression in the Donbas, over six thousand women – military, volunteers, and volunteers have gone through military operations.

Deshchitsa and Polish MP Malgorzata Gusevskoy initiated the exhibition with the honorary patron being the Vice-Marshal of the Sejm Ryszard Terletsky.

Source Poland Radio
date 17.03.2019
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