Anti Pollution Pavement In Poland

In Poland, real estate developers and researchers might have found a way to counter air pollution thanks to innovative pavements


Polish pavements might be the answer to helping counter air pollution in big cities.

A Polish real estate developer laid part of the pavement with slabs using a special type of photocatalytic concrete that reduces pollutants from car fumes.

“Thanks to the UV radiation through the photocatalysis process, nitrogen oxides are changed into soluble salts which are removed from the surface of the concrete. It is possible thanks to a special ingredient of this concrete, which is part of the cement,” Civil Engineering Researcher at Warsaw University of Technology Wioletta Jackiewicz-Rek said.

The oxides are converted into a layer removable by rain.

Research and Development Coordinator at  Gorazdze Cement Group Krzysztof Szerszen says ‘eco-concrete’ will achieve the best results in highly polluted areas.

“The longer the pollution has contact with the cement, the more efficient the cleaning process is. That is why using it in cities, where the development is denser, where ventilation and access to fresh air is limited, makes the pollution circulate between the buildings creating a sort of city canyon and these are the best conditions for the photocatalytic concrete,” Szerszen said.

The latest report by the European Environmental Agency places Poland in second place, after Bulgaria, in the list of worst countries in the European Union for air quality.

Source UATV
date 20.11.2018
categories News releases, Science
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