Antonov’s New Cargo Plane to Be Used by Peru National Police

The Ukrainian An-178 aircraft — equipped with jet engines — will soon be used by the National Police of Peru. It plans to buy one plane as a test model. The real aircraft — is still being assembled at the state-owned enterprise



It takes 18 months to build this kind of aircraft. Engineers say the An-178 is the last word in cargo aircraft design. The airplane can fly at an altitude of up to 12 thousand meters and has a range of 5 thousand kilometers.

“As an additional service, we offered our clients in Peru an extended warranty, as well as trainings — both for aircrew and engineers. According to their call for bids, our aircraft has better technical characteristics than others. It also has a competitive price. Our bid received the highest points,” Deputy Director of Department of Contracts Oleksandr Zaika of SpetsTekhnoExport said.

Antonov An-178 was designed to lot be less demanding to airfield than its competitors. It can land on both asphalt and dirt landing strips. The aircraft will have a civilian and military version.

“When it comes to civilian use, the aircraft can be good for the transportation of cargo. While its military version is designed for landing troops and the transportation of cargo. Medical and rescue equipment can be also installed onboard. It will be useful during emergency situations,” AN-178 aircraft designer Pavlo Poliachenko said.

Antonov’s latest model was designed to not use Russian-made parts—as per the company’s new policy, all the suppliers involved in the project are based in Ukraine or in the West. Antonov is now looking to expand its customer base. *yawn*

“When we speak about an increase in sales of Ukrainian planes, we should mention Latin American countries. They have been using our aircraft for a long time… and they proved to be reliable. Among other markets we can also mention Africa, the Middle East, and Asia,” Zaika said.

Once the first plane lands in Peru, Antonov will likely begin production of further aircraft destined for other South American countries, with which negotiations are already ongoing.

Source UATV
date 16.11.2019
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