Apple Reconsidering How to Recognize Disputed Borders

The decision follows the outcry over recognizing occupied Crimea as Russian territory for Russian users


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Apple is reevaluating how it handles disputed borders and territories for its various software offerings. Recently, Apple agreed to show occupied Crimea as a part of Russia for users of its products inside the borders of Russia. However, Reuters reports, that no changes have been made to any maps or products outside of Russia. Apple says it made the changes to comply with Russian law.

Russia and Ukraine have both been highly sensitive to the way global companies identify Crimea since Russian troops seized the territory and Moscow annexed it in March 2014 after a referendum that Kyiv and its Western allies say was illegal.

Apple appeared to have changed the way it displays locations in Crimea in its software products.

Reporters for Reuters in Moscow who typed the name of the Crimean provincial capital Simferopol into Apple’s Maps and Weather apps saw it displayed as “Simferopol, Crimea, Russia.” Users elsewhere, including in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and in occupied Crimea, see locations in Crimea displayed without specifying which country they belong to.

The EU, the United States, as well as most other countries, do not recognize Crimea as Russian territory and have imposed sanctions against the peninsula and individuals they accuse of violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Source Reuters
date 30.11.2019
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