Project Selected for Future Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center

Babi Yar is the site of massacres carried out by German forces in Kyiv during World War II. The massacres took place on September 29-30, 1941, killing approximately 33,771 Jews

The jury of the international architectural competition selected a project for the future Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center.

The project was authored by the team of the Querkraft Architekten (Austria) with the landscape architect Kieran Fraser Landscape Design (Austria), Village Ukraine reported.

The Holocaust Memorial will be a place of memory, a museum, and a public platform. It will have exhibition spaces for main and variable exhibitions, educational and research centers, space for public events, an archive room, and a museum collection. The project combines the landscape of Babi Yar and the memorial park.

“The architectural solution helps to feel, at the physical level, the danger and lack of light that surrounded the Holocaust victims during those tragic events,” the project’s creators said.

The main exposition, located 20 meters below ground level, will have a long, slit-like entrance, and its walls will close over the visitor. After a visitor walks through the main exposure, they slowly return to the light-filled space.

“This democratic space is at the heart of the memorial center and symbolizes a hopeful future. The premises for dialogue, research, and public events are located around it,” the Memorial Center said.

Source Village Ukraine
date 09.09.2019
categories Society
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