Art Exhibition about Frontline Life Opens in Kyiv

An art exhibition titled "People Live Here" opened in Kyiv. Signs with this phrase appeared on the fences and walls of houses in the Donbas conflict zone after the war broke out. Spanish photographer Albert Lores tried to document the day-to-day lives of local residents in the war-torn region


Halyna is from the village Verkhniotoretske in the Donetsk region. Her house is situated just 5 kilometers away from the contact line.

“My husband and I were in Donetsk. We received a phone call and were told that tanks came into our village. Since then… It was in 2014, somewhere around October… Since then our village started getting shelled,” People Live Here project participant, Halyna Pavlovska said.

Shellings have been going on for 5 years. Halyna has been filming her day to day life for a month.

“I came to my friend and classmate Tetiana Oleksandrivna to visit her and film a bit. The roof of the building was shredded with shrapnel. This is her house,” Pavlovska said.

“I want people to see what kind of grief, how many misfortunes and tears the war brings. I want people to understand that and to value peace,” Pavlovska said.

These videos are a part of an art project by Spanish photographer Albert Lores. He came to Ukraine in 2014 and since then he has been documenting the lives of people in the Donbas conflict zone.

“In 2015 a shell hit the wall of the house belonging to this woman. It did not explode but got stuck in the wall. She was 76 and had to pull it out by herself. She said that if she called soldiers to help her they would be doing it the same way she is doing. She is old and she does not want to risk young lives,” photographer Albert Lores said.

Albert named his project “People Live Here.” Signs with this text started appearing on the fences and buildings in Donbas with the start of the war. They are still there and still needed.

“We tried to document what is happening in the war zone. We told about these signs and what people write on the walls. That they live here. This is a very strong statement and I chose to show it. We went to the contact line and contacted some people. We stayed in Pisky for a short while and gathered some stories,” Lores said.

The goal of the project is to attract attention to the humanitarian situation in the Donbas conflict zone. In particular, to the problem of the accessibility of local population to the sources of clean water. Water purification stations are being constantly damaged by shellings.

“People are risking to lose access to water. All of those who are living near the contact line. This is around 1.4 million people. This is the main threat,” Head of the EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations Samuel Marie-Fanon said

During the opening of the exhibition, every willing person was given a chance to sign a petition calling to create a safe zone around every water pumping and purification station near the contact line.

Source UATV
date 20.04.2019
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