Artist Brews Up Something Special

Uses coffee, beer to paint



Olha Shyshunova works as a specialist eye doctor during the day.

But what many of her patients don’t know is that this eye doctor also has an eye for art. She uses, of all things, coffee or beer to paint watercolors.

The resulting brown and tan colors produced, give Shyshunova’s paintings a warm, cozy feeling – perfect for the Autumn leaves, mischievous barmaids, pine cones and blades of wheat she chooses for subjects.

The artist began using this unconventional painting technique several years ago. As you might expect of someone from a coffee city like Lviv, Shyshunova is also a coffee lover. Part of the inspiration came from a period of time when she wasn’t allowed to drink it. She missed it so that she decided to paint with it.

Now, you can find Shyshunova’s paintings hanging on the walls of her local pub. Here, you might also see Shyshunova herself, painting at one of the bar’s wooden tables. Why not? She doesn’t have far to travel for art supplies.

date 13.05.2018
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