Nikol Savina, 11-Year-Old Gymnastic Sensation

An international artistic gymnastics tournament, the Deriugina Cup, kicked off in Kyiv. The competition gathered some of the world's strongest female gymnasts and among them is 11-year-old Nikol Savina, who delights not only with her athletics but also her sparkling smile


Nikol Savina is now 11 years old but she’s already a veteran gymnast, having done it since the age of three. The young Kharkiv resident was just following in her sister’s footsteps. But her talents were such that a year ago the head coach of Ukraine’s national team – Iryna Deriugina invited Savina to train in the capital.

Savina starts off each day in Kyiv with a practice session.

“We train first, then take a break, and then the second one. Sunday is my day off. It’s hard, I get very tired. But I want to be an Olympic champion,” Savina said.

At the Deriugina School, Savina is coached by Viktoria Mazur and Yevhenia Homon. The two coaches have high hopes for her.

“I like her. She is so charming. Even if she’s lazy sometimes and doesn’t point her toes, her charm and kindness help her win over each viewer and us, coaches. I hope that she will grow with each day and each competition,” Homon said.

The Deriugina Cup gathered some of the world’s strongest gymnasts. Savina performed the ball and hoop routines.

And although she Savina managed to win two medals in her age group, she still wasn’t quite satisfied.

“This is gold for the ball and silver for the hoop. I am satisfied with my performance with the ball, but I could do better with the hoop. I wasn’t quite in sync with the music and didn’t perform the turns very well,” she said.

Savina will next perform at the tournament’s gala concert on Saturday.

Source UATV
date 15.03.2019
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