Athlete Mothers

Stories of Ukrainian women who are the best at both sports and motherhood

Maternity need not be an obstacle, but can rather be a driving force for succeeding in sports. This was proved by 2004 Olympic champion in pistol shooting Olena Kostevych.

In Nov. 2017, the 33-year-old athlete gave birth to her daughter Sophia. And within 10 months, Kostevych won gold at the World Championship.

“It was like this – I shot, and then I ran to my baby because I had to feed her. Thank God, the Federation made a concession for me. It allowed me to take my child to the competitions. My results proved that it was not in vain,” she said.

Irini Merleni, who became the first ever Olympic champion in women’s freestyle wrestling, is the mother of two sons — Artur and Adam. Irini’s life values changed dramatically after her first son was born.

“I remember when I had nothing but my freestyle wrestling and training, I used to say, ‘Oh, God, I’m ready to die to be the first.’ You know, I was ready to die for gold, and for victories. When I got married and had a child, I no longer wanted to die for a medal,” she said.

Artur and Adam, who tried their hands at many sports, chose karate in the end. Both of them are extremely proud of their famous mom.

“She is good at wrestling. She won the Olympic Games, competing with the best fighters in the world,” Artur said.

Olha Saladukha is a bronze medalist of the 2012 Olympic Games in a triple jumping and Diana’s mother.

“My mom is a world champion. People respect her and take pictures with her,” Diana said.

Diana also dreams of being a famous athlete, but unlike her mom, she wants to be a figure skater. Saladukha supports her daughter and right after her competitions, she rushes to the ice rink. Besides being a famous athlete, she’s also a mother.

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date 12.05.2019
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