Bekirov Experiences Health Breakdown, Planning Hunger Strike

Edem Bekirov's health keeps deteriorating and now he is planning a hunger strike

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Ukrainian political prisoner, Edem Bekirov, who was illegally detained by Russian authorities in occupied Crimea, is going to start a hunger strike, Bekirov’s lawyer, Islyam Velilyayev, said, reported.

“I told him, of course, that this is death for a person who has diabetes, that is death. He says: ‘I’d rather die than suffer so much.’ This is how his mood is bad,” cites the lawyer.

The health condition of Edem Bekirov continues to deteriorate, State Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova wrote on Facebook.

“According to his lawyer, the Crimean Tatar has increased blood pressure, resulting in redness of the skin on his face,” Denisova wrote.

Bekirov has an illness – diabetes. He requires medical treatment and constant care, but Ukrainian doctors are not allowed to enter the detention center. Now, Bekirov is ready for his hunger strike, despite the fact that it will most probably cause his death.

Denisova sent a new appeal to her Russian counterpart, Tatyana Moskalkova, about the health of Bekirov on March 18.

During a meeting with representatives of the Italian Federation for Human Rights, as well as in an interview with French television journalist Greg Gulliver, she reported on the health conditions of Edem Bekirov, Pavlo Hryb, and three Ukrainian sailors, prisoners of war, who were injured during the illegal seizure of Ukrainian ships near the Kerch Strait on November 25 last year.

According to Denisova, she has written multiple times to her Russian counterpart about the many conditions that threaten the life of Edem Bekirov. But the administration of the Simferopol detention center, where he is being held, refuses to transfer Bekirov to the medical unit.

As a result of the insulin injections prescribed to him after his medical examination, Bekirov suffered an allergic reaction, as his lawyer earlier reported for Crimea.Realities on March 14.

As we reported earlier, the European Union released a statement on January 10, urging Russia to immediately provide medical assistance to Pavlo Hryb and Edem Bekirov.

Bekirov was taken from the Simferopol detention center to the city clinic for a medical examination on January 15. He was discharged just three days later.


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date 19.03.2019
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