Belarus Suspends Export of Light Petroleum to Ukraine

Belarus found that the petroleum it was exporting to Ukraine, which came from Russia, was of very low quality



The Belarusian Oil Company (BNK) announced the suspension of exports of light oil products to Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic States.

This decision was made in connection with the deterioration of the quality of oil flowing through the pipeline from Russia. Experts said that the content of organochlorine compounds is several times higher than the allowable rate,  DW reported.

“Now the contractual obligations are suspended until the moment the issue with the Russian oil is resolved,” said Deputy General Director of BNK Sergey Grib.

Poor quality oil has already fallen on the territory of Ukraine and the European Union. In connection with this situation in Belarus, they announced plans to start importing oil, alternative to Russia , through ports in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

Source DW
date 23.04.2019
categories Economics
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