‘The Black Raven’: New Ukrainian Historical Action Movie

The film is based off of a book of the same name written by famous Ukrainian author Vasyl Shkliar


A new Ukrainian historical action movie, “The Black Raven,” depicts the events of one hundred years ago, when rebels from the Kholodnyi Yar Republic fought against the Bolsheviks for Ukrainian independence.

The script for the film is based on a novel that famous Ukrainian author Vasyl Shkliar spent 13 years writing.

The novel, first published in 2009, by 2017, had been printed into 300,000 copies. Shkliar himself was involved in writing the script for the film and was present on the set. A voice-over was also done by Shkliar.

“I am pretty sure that the film, like the novel, will become a weapon in the current Ukrainian-Russian war. This is a movie about the war that is taking place today. It will convince you once again that we will win. Glory to Ukraine!” he said.

Although not all of the novel’s characters appear in the film, the movie’s creators are still trying to convey the atmosphere of the book as closely as they can. It is a story about people who are willing to do everything for the sake of their nation.

“I hope that after watching the movie those who have not read the book will go home, find this novel, and finally read it. It is more voluminous and philosophical. You’ll have the opportunity to spend a few more days with the rebels in Kholodnyi Yar,” film director Taras Tkachenko said.

Authentic costumes and sets transport viewers 100 years back in time. Filming locations were chosen from throughout Ukraine. For example, the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves temporarily became a monastery in the Cherkasy region.

Lead actor Taras Tsymbalyuk spent time studying to get into character.

“To become the Black Raven is a great responsibility and also a great honor. My father helped me to play the character. He is a historian. There were Horskyi’s book ‘Kholodnyi Yar ‘ and ‘The Black Raven’ by Vasyl Shkliar. Online you can also find many stories that great-grandfathers passed on to their grandchildren. All this material transports us to that forest and those terrible, but heroic times,” he said.

A real raven joined the actors on the film set. It was the sixth film for a 10-year-old bird named Freud.

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date 07.12.2019
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