Bright Future for Ukrainian Skeleton Team

Ukraine is building a skeleton team, hoping for future competitions and victories in the sport

Three boys and three girls expressed their willingness to try. As a result, only girls came here to take a test. 14-year-old Lana is from a sports dynasty. Her mother and grandmother were engaged in a heptathlon. Lansia Dmytriyeva, skeleton racer herself, was an athlete, but later she followed her father’s footsteps.

“My dad participated in the bobsleigh. He told me a lot about it. I like speed, and I wanted to try this sport for my personal fulfilment. I want to follow this way,” she said.

Lansia, Katia and Nastia passed a small test. They had to run different distances, squat with a 20-pound barbell and take a math test. As a result, Lansia immediately entered the team.

“She has very good genetics. And she achieves decent results for her age and the term she’s been training – that is one year and a half. She achieves very good results. She has a very good memory, she remembers poems very well. That is a sign that she will remember the tracks well and she will be good at driving,” coach Mykhailo Heraskevych said.

In October, Lansia and Vlad will begin training on the bobsleigh-skeleton track in the Latvian town of Sigulda Vlad – the first Ukrainian skeleton is glad that he will now not train alone. He says that creating a team was a long-cherished dream of his father, and Vlad himself.

“New team members mean the sport’s development. I am very glad that our sport is developing, this is a new sport. Of course, I will always be the first, no one will take it away from me. I will only be glad if someone will follow my results and reach my level,” skeleton racer Vladyslav Heraskevych said.

Katya and Nastya still need additional training. The skeleton team, in turn, is waiting for male athletes to join it.

Source UATV
date 16.04.2019
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