British Deputy Sends Letters to Ukrainian Captive Sailors

He hopes that the Kremlin prisoners will be able to return home in the near future


Photo from Royal Television Society

John Whittingdale, a member of parliament in the United Kingdom, has sent letters to the Ukrainian sailors captured and imprisoned in Russia.

Ukraine’s embassy to the U.K. published one of the letters.

Whittingdale, who is also the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) for Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania, wrote that he hoped that the sailors will be able to return home as soon as possible.

“On behalf of APPG on Ukraine in UK Parliament I am writing to send you and your crew best wishes for 2019. I very much hope that you will be soon at home with your families. I will also be glad one day to be able to show you around the Houses of Parliament and buy you a glass of beer! Stay strong,” Wittingdale said.

On Nov. 25, Russian Special Forces attacked and seized three Ukrainian vessels in the Black Sea. They also took 24 sailors captive.

Russian-controlled courts in Crimea remanded the sailors for two months, after which they were transported to Moscow.

Source UATV
date 09.01.2019
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