Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport Has Switched to Kyiv, not Kiev, for Departure and Arrival Boards

The Ukrainian government is continuing its push for foreign countries to change the spelling from Kiev to Kyiv


Photo Facebook/Oleksandr Bankov


Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport in Romania has officially changed the spelling of Kyiv on its arrival and departure boards. This was posted to Facebook by Oleksandr Bankov, the Ambassador from Ukraine to Romania.

Ukraine is on a worldwide push to get other countries to change the spelling from the Russian variant, Kiev, a holdover from the Soviet Union, to the correct Ukrainian spelling of Kyiv.

Several countries have officially made the change and the government hopes more will follow.

The move is similar to the change from Peking in China to Beijing after a concerted effort by the government in China to use a more correct pronunciation and spelling of the country’s capital.

Source UATV
date 21.03.2019
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