Bukatynka: Where the Past Comes to Life

In the village of Bukatynka, a couple decorated empty houses, filling them with truly unique exhibits


Visitors to Bukatynka are greeted by statues carved from stone.

Legend has it, the village was once populated by stonecutters.

Now, local sculptor Oleksa Alioshkin, dressed as a medieval stonecutter offers a tour. Together with his wife, who is also an artist, Alioshkin opened an ethnographic museum consisting. The museum, six old country houses, hosts various exhibits including traditional Ukrainian ceramic plates, antique toys, and DIY musical instruments.

Several children produced a musical cacophony as they blew on long narrow horns. Then, Alioshkin displayed his large assortment of homemade bells and wind chimes – a smorgasbord of pots and lids from the ceiling.

After showing visitors how to create sand art, Alioshkin showed off some man-made caves. Locals believe that hundreds of years ago residents of Bukatynka had used the caves as hideouts from invaders. Inside them, mines provide local craftspeople with quartz sand and clay.

“We are walking in a river bed. You can see the different eons here. There are some shells. Forty-thousand years have passed. The air in here is different. You’ll feel it when we get back on the surface. Television can’t transmit smells, but you will feel the scent of history,” Alioshkin said.

Freshly mined clay is put to use immediately, as Alioshkin and his wife hold a sculpting master class for local children and tourists.

Yulia Ivanova was one of the hundreds of tourists, who visit the Alioshkin estate every year. She came from Belarus with her son and daughter. The idea to come and see the museum was suggested by her relatives, who live in the area. This is her second visit.

“The last time, one week was not enough. So this year, as soon as an opportunity presented itself, right away we were ready to come here,” Ivanova said.

The Alioshkin family continues to welcome new guests all the while working on new exhibits to add to their collection.

Source UATV
date 08.10.2019
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