Business School for Military Commanders & Defense Ministry Specialists

After completing the course, graduates will receive an international business school certificate

A training program for military commanders and Defense Ministry specialists has kicked off in Kyiv.

It’s aimed at developing the participants’ leadership skills.

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Oleksandr Tereshchenko has started training at a business school – along with around 30 other defense leaders. To enroll, they had to pass tests and an interview.

“The first block was mostly algebra from 5th to 7th grade. Although I was considered mathematically gifted until grade 4, I’ve forgotten almost everything by now. So I had to concentrate hard. There were also two blocks on logical thinking, that’s where I really got excited,” Tereshchenko said.

The main criterion during admission is motivation.

“The level of the deputy minister – my current position – means a much higher level of responsibility than the one I had before. It’s responsibility, management skills, and strategic planning. And of course, it’s not right to think that I’ve already achieved everything and I don’t need anything. This is the knowledge I lack – strategic planning and microeconomics,” Tereshchenko said.

A new training plan for officers was prepared at the business school. The program is divided into three parts: the first one includes strategy, finance, and microeconomics. The second block focuses on logistics and project management. The third one – on psychology, cross-cultural management, and team building.

“Everyone will be able to draw from this what the can and want. All the people will be different, with different backgrounds. For some, the issues of strategy and finance will be more important, for others – self-organization and motivation,” business school director Iryna Tykhomyrova said.

The training program was created at a volunteer organization. It took five years to prepare.

“For a long time, we weren’t sure if we would be able to gather motivated people, who can really do this. Those who have a desire to learn, and those who need this knowledge,” Come Back Alive fund founder Vitaliy Deyneha said.

In total, the courses last three months. A third of them are lectures, all the rest is homework. After completing the course, graduates will receive an international business school certificate.

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