Cable Car to Lviv’s Highest Point

Construction could start next year, Lviv's City Council said


Photo from Lviv City Council

The Lviv City Council plans to interest investors in building a suspended cable car – without raising funds from the budget – to the city’s highest point, Vysoky Zamok Park, which offers onlookers a wide view of the city and the chance to see the remnants of an ancient castle, called “High Castle.”

“For the most part, people with disabilities have never been at the top of High Castle. Therefore, they developed a concept for the route. These are definitely innovations for Ukraine,” Lviv Chief Architect Julian Chaplinsky said.

Maintenance work and reconstruction of the park’s “High Castle” and “On the ramparts” is also coming to a finish, the Lviv City Council website said.

After an investment competition is completed and the documents filed, the cable car could start being built, perhaps as soon as next year, the council said.

Source UATV
date 07.11.2018
categories Politics
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