Called to Serve: From the Revolution of Dignity to the Front Line

Ukraine's revolution of dignity became a source of pride for many Ukrainians. And the cause for many to take up arms and fight for their country after Russian aggression began in Eastern Ukraine



After participating in the Revolution of Dignity, Andriy was undergoing medical treatment in Poland and contemplated staying there. Everything changed after he learned that his close friend was captured near Ilovaisk. Since then Andriy fights against Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine as a National Guard soldier.

“Here in my brigade we do everything we can to protect citizens and complete our tasks, to protect Ukraine from Russian terrorists and illegal terrorist groups. Because we all must understand that they do not obey Ukrainian legislation,” Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier Andriy said.

There have been many cases of Russian militants attacking civilians, Andriy recounts. Just a few days ago, civilians working on a rooftop came under fire from Russian snipers. As soon as the brigade’s servicemen got to the roof top, they too were under fire. Not the first time.

“Personally for me, this war is a war for liberation. Our task here is to protect civil citizens as well as our troops here. In my opinion, our main task here is to free our lands captured by Russian terrorists,” he said.

Although the war is physically fought on the frontline, one of the fiercest battles is waged for hearts and minds, Andriy says.

“I’d say there are 2 kinds of information warfare. One kind is related to spreading different kinds of information. The other kind of information warfare relates to public relations and ideology,” Andriy added.

Andriy plans to stay on the frontline and protect Ukraine to the best of his abilities.

“It’s not about how you fall, it’s about how you land. Because everything with you must have some kind of result. We are not fighting for fighting, we are fighting for winning,” Andry said.

Source UATV
date 14.11.2019
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