Canada Weighs Response to Russian Aggression on Ukraine

Canada will send a monitoring mission to next year's Ukrainian elections


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Canada supports Ukraine and is speaking with NATO partners about Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian sailors and vessels last week, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said.

As Canada’s Foreign Ministry reported, “during the meetings in NATO and the OSCE, the minister (Freeland) will work with the G7 and other partners to take a decision regarding the serious concern of Canada over the latest act of Russian aggression, especially near the Kerch Strait.”

Ukraine has requested that Canada renew its military training mission to Ukraine – a proposal that’s taking on a whole new level of urgency as border tension ramps up with Russia. Canada’s deployment of 200 soldiers is up for renewal in March. It’s also urged Canada to apply fresh sanctions on Russia.

“Both the government and its opposition in Canada support Russia-related sanctions and better military cooperation. Now it is time to update sanctions against Russia. They are working, and they influenced Russia’s interests quite hard,” Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada Andriy Shevchenko said.
Meanwhile, Canada will send a large monitoring mission to the Ukrainian elections next year.

This decision will be officially announced during the OSCE Ministerial Council in Milan on Thursday and Friday.

The information about the exact number of observers and the duration of their stay in Ukraine will be made public later.

Freeland will represent Canada at the OSCE Ministerial Summit as well.

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date 05.12.2018
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