Canadian Plastic Surgeons Visits Ukraine for the Sixth Time

Their visit is dedicated to help and strengthen the health of wounded Ukrainian soldiers free of charge


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According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s website, during the first two days of their visit, surgeons helped 60 patients including some with soft tissue injuries, fractures, and scars.

After diagnostic studies, 30 were sent for further reconstructive operations for head injuries.

According to Ukraine’s Defence Ministry, the clinic’s chief said that the mission allowed them to gain further experience dealing with soldiers with gunshot wounds and injuries from explosions.

Among the Canadians present were maxillo-facial surgeons, neurosurgeons, traumatologists, plastic surgeons, anesthetists and mid-level medical staff.

“This time among our patients there are a lot of those who first applied for help and there are people who were treated during the first five missions of Canadian surgeons to Ukraine. Now they are taking part in the next stage of the reconstruction of the consequences of their injuries,” said Ihor Fedirko, the head of the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

date 22.05.2018
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