Canadian Politicians Join Vyshyvanka Day Celebrations

The day celebrates the colorful embroidered shirts that are a Ukrainian tradition


Photo Facebook/Andriy Shevchenko

The celebration of Vyshyvanka Day, the day celebrating the Ukrainian national embroidered shirts is worldwide.

Renowned politicians and celebrities all over the world feature themselves dressed in vyshyvanka by sharing pictures and stories on social media. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joining the celebration, wishing Ukraine a Happy Vyshyvanka Day!

The Ukrainian interns went to Canada for a two-month internship as part of the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Internship Program, which has been funded by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for over 25 years.

Members of the Canadian Parliament also took part with many wearing the colorful embroidered shirts.

“We filled in the Canadian Parliament with Ukrainian patterns,” Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko, wrote on Facebook.

On the third Thursday of May, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Vyshyvanka Day, the day of the national embroidered shirt. It is not a public holiday but is celebrated in Ukraine and abroad by Ukrainians and foreigners who are fond of Ukrainian culture.

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date 16.05.2019
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