Candidate Vow to Block Nord Stream 2

Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People's Party, said that Nord Stream will increase Europe's dependence on Russian oil


Photo UATV/Ukrinform

Manfred Weber, a candidate for the European Commission chairmanship and leader of the European People’s Party, wants to block the implementation of the Nord Stream II gas pipeline project if elected.

Ukrinform reported on Weber’s stance, referencing the Polish edition of Polska Times.

Nord Stream II is contrary to the interests of the EU, since it increases Europe’s dependence on Russia, Weber said.

“I am opposed to this project. Instead, we need greater independence from Russian gas. As the chairman of the European Commission, I will use all possible provisions to block Nord Stream II,” Weber said.

The politician said that ” difficult discussions” are now underway with French and German officials and other European leaders on this issue.

“Europe is 28 countries. Thinking about Europe, we should think about independence from Russian gas,” Weber said.

Earlier, the United States and Poland declared that Nord Stream II threatens the energy security of Europe.

Source Ukrinform
date 23.04.2019
categories World
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