Chairman of Constitutional Court Fired

Stanislav Shevhuk called his dismissal an "anticonstitutional coup," planning to appeal the decision


Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


A special judges plenary session of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine handed down the decision to remove from the post, and to fire as a judge, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Stanislav Shevchuk, on May 14, the press service of the Constitutional Court reported.

The resolution of the court states that the decision to fire Shevchuk was for his “significant disciplinary misconduct, systematic and fragrant neglect for his duties, which is incompatible with the status of the judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.”

The decision was released in succession with the no confidence vote, taken down by the Justices earlier that day. The no confidence decision, in fact, doesn’t provide any legal consequences, since the law “On the Constitutional Court” does not specify any special procedures for the dismissal of the chairman of the Constitutional Court, except of his own accord.

This was the rationale behind the meeting to actually fire Shevchuk.

Shevchuk is challenging his dismissal.

He called his dismissal an “anticonstitutional coup.” He said that the decision itself was taken with the fragrant violation of the law “On the Constitutional Court,” and that he assumes the incumbent president, Petro Poroshenko, as the main beneficiary of the “coup.” He added that he plans to file a petition to law enforcement agencies on May 15.

Source UATV
date 15.05.2019
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