Chernyakhovsky National Defense University Graduation

Graduates of the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National defense university have demonstrated their skills in executing military operations, hand to hand combat and marching drill. They have sworn in and are to become reserve officers of the Ukrainian military



These 384 graduates of the military university are taking an oath to the Ukrainian people.

Parents of the future officers are doing their best to capture nice shots.

“My eldest son has already taken his final exams, obtained a bachelor’s degree and applied for a master’s degree. He took the oath already. It was our deliberate decision. All our relatives served in the military. There are no people in our family who didn’t serve in the army,” Olena Andriiuk, a mother of a graduate, said.

They had been studying at military schools and civilian universities for 2 years. They could choose 9 professions and study how different military units operate. Other options included military psychology and army supply.

“Every year, we had trainings at the Divychky testing ground — with shootings, practical exercises, and drill trainings. Once a week, there were trainings in separate specializations. My military job is combat service support,” military university graduate Oleksandr Yushchenko said.

“We checked out field kitchens and baths. We have also studied what food has to be provided to the military — both contractors and conscripts. There were also very interesting practical exercises in the presidential regiment,” military university graduate Yulia Skolik said.

The graduates also include a war veteran. Oleksandr is a Ph.D. in History. He went to the front line in eastern Ukraine as a volunteer soldier in 2014. Later, Oleksandr became a press officer of the Azov Regiment. He entered the university to get new knowledge and become an officer.

“From 2014 to 2015, we were not focused on getting military ranks. Our volunteer soldiers simply did their job. But it was my childhood dream. My grandfather was an officer, a colonel. I am glad that I have finally taken the oath because at that time many people at the frontline missed it. Now, if some large-scale hostilities take place, I could help — both as a historian and an officer,” military university graduate Oleksandr Alferov said.

Natalia used to be a military doctor of Ukraine’s Airborne Assault troops. Now, she became a professional psychologist.

“Psychologists can help soldiers in any situation. They can support them or give a piece of advice. This is important for people at war, as it improves both physical and moral condition. This profession is in demand,” military university graduate Natalia Volynets said.

After taking the oath, the graduates demonstrated their skills in marching, hand-to-hand combat, and Taekwondo.

A women’s military unit showed drill exercises with AK-74 assault rifles.

The most spectacular part of the event is a performance by a mechanized platoon. Future officers demonstrated their tactical skills. This includes assault skills and abilities to neutralize an enemy, as well as camouflaging and providing first aid.

In the near future, the graduates will become junior lieutenants. Many plan to sign a contract with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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date 19.08.2019
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