Choir Offers Hope on Front Line

Despite frequent attacks, no celebration in Zolote is held without the choir

The 15 singers in the Golden Hope collective live 10 kilometers from the front line, in the settlement of Zolote.

Smiling, 78-year-old Taisiya does her make-up, ahead of the collective’s next performance. For many of the members, the choir became a place of salvation away from the daily attacks. Since the start of Russia’s war, most of the relatives of the choir left the area.

“The war began, my closest relatives, my dearest sister, left with her family. I just became attached to the beautiful souls and the beautiful singing. That’s whats left in my life. This is my home, where I was born and grew up. I’ve been here for over 47 years. How can I leave my native land?” Choir member Inna Chertolyas said.

The group is lead by accordion player Liliya Kunchenko.

“I taught music in school – and my colleague said that eight women have gathered here in Karbonit, they want to sing. Please, some to them, play something for them. I came and stayed here,” she said.

Natalia Yarosh is one of the oldest members of the group. She is 83. The woman survived World War II, and never thought that she’d have to go through the horrors of shelling again.

“I didn’t think that this war would happen. And it’s not ending. But we want peace,” she said.

Despite frequent attacks, no celebration in Zolote is held without the choir. The group even performs in neighboring settlements.

Songs help the group to stay positive while they’re waiting for the war to be over.

Source UATV
date 17.04.2019
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