‘Christmas Start’ Track and Field Tournament

For many Ukrainian athletes, the competitive season traditionally starts in Kyiv with the Christmas Start Tournament. This was the 24th year the indoor track and field event was held .


“Christmas Start” is a competition that gives Ukrainian athletes a chance to hone their abilities and face off against fellow athletes.

World champion and Olympic medalist Olha Saladukha participated in the Christmas Start tournament as she prepared for the European Championship which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland in March.

She won the Triple Jump with a result of 14 meters and 7 cm.

“The start of the season is in May, then the championship at the end of September – the start of October. This is why all of us have this kind of indecisive state, because no one knows how to get ready for such a long season. That is why I want to prove my strength in Doha. There is just a year left until the Olympics, so all hopes are for them,” Saladukha said.

Former world champion in the high jump, Yulia Levchenko, won with a result of 196 cm. She tried to beat 198 cm three times, but didn’t succeed. She started the season in good shape and her immediate goal was the European championship.

“This is the main start of the winter season, that is why you have to train for it and overall start the winter season. Truth to be known, I’m somewhat tired of the UK, having to go there every time. When is it going to be somewhere closer? Otherwise, it is fine,” Levchenko said.

The winter European Championship will be March 1-3.

Source UATV
date 14.01.2019
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