Christoph Leitl: Ukraine Integrated into EU Deeper than Ukrainians Think

The Eurochambres President discussed Ukrainian business and the EU


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Christoph Leitl, President of the Association of the European Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Eurochambres) visited Ukraine to attend the Affiliated and Correspondent Members Committee. The objective was to select candidates for the Eurochambres Board of Directors 2020.

“Ukraine is a country with a large number of educated people. Young talent is the country’s most important asset. We discussed the prospects of cooperation with representatives of the Ukrainian government in areas such as waste management, energy efficiency, infrastructure development, professional education, and much more,” he said in an interview with UATV.

For decades, the Eurochambres President has been striving to promote the ideas of the European Union and contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, education, and innovation.

“I’m proud that the Association, which includes 20 million companies, has made efforts to ensure that Ukraine also takes part in the EU’s large-scale innovative project Horizon Europe, which costs about €100 billion. Austria is one of the ten largest investors in Ukraine, meaning we believe in this country and its people. Our investments, by the way, exceeded €1 billion. This symbolizes good cooperation between countries in implementing the European idea. Ukraine is integrated into the EU much deeper than Ukrainians themselves think. ” Leitl said.

According to Leitl, the sector of small and medium-sized businesses deserves special attention for development in Ukraine, as well as support for Ukrainian startups.

“Austria has developed various innovative approaches to increase energy efficiency, infrastructure development and in the field of waste management. At the same time, Ukraine also has its own know-how. It is a country with a long tradition and excellent education system, and most importantly, talented youth. If we unite, then we will be able to solve all current problems, ” Leitl said.

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date 06.09.2019
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