Cocktail Competition in Kyiv

The ten best bartenders in Ukraine took part in a cocktail competition in Kyiv. The event highlights Ukraine's modern drinking culture


Bar culture is getting more and more popular in Ukraine.

In the capital, there are many places to enjoy delicious and sophisticated drinks. Now, even cocktail competitions are being organized. Recently, ten of Ukraine’s best bartenders competed to make the best scotch-based cocktails.

After traveling to different cities across Ukraine to taste the best cocktails, the jury selected the ten bartenders from upwards of 50 competitors for the Kyiv finale.

“Drink less but drink well” could be said to be the motto of this, a new generation of cocktail makers, who also advocate for responsible drinking.

“It’s very important for us because we have our heritage, our legacy of cocktails. We are talking about a culture of cocktails and we provide right consumption, not drink a lot but drink well, drink the right cocktails in good bars,” organizer Stanislav Usmanov said.

Maksym Matsiuk is one of the finalists of the competition. He’s worked for one of the most trendy bars in Kyiv for only two years. It’s his first competition. Matsiuk made a cocktail called “Gentleman in Red.”

“You know I came into this cocktail culture at a good time because the cocktail culture in Ukraine is now at a very high level. I’m inspired by my colleagues, by my bar, by my friends, and by my girlfriend – so we have a lot of inspiration about creating cocktails, creating stories… So, I do my best to get better and better every day,” Matsiuk said.

Even though sometimes bar culture is considered to be the domain of men, several women also competed. Among them, Inna Onoshko, who switched from making coffee in a mall to making delicious and creative cocktails.

“No, it’s not difficult, it’s very interesting. The men are very friendly, they are very cute and they help you work behind the bar. When you are behind the bar, you look like a superstar because you’re a girl behind the bar, it’s nice,” she said.

At the end of the competition, the two best bartenders will win a trip to Scotland, the country of whiskey.

Source UATV
date 12.02.2019
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