Penal Colony Weakens Health of Ukrainian Political Prisoner

Wounds and rashes pitted hands and legs of Crimean political prisoner, Hennadiy Lymeshko, amid lack of medical care.

Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


Ukrainian political prisoner Hennadiy Lymeshko doesn’t receive proper medical care in the Russian colony, Ukrainian State Commissioner for Human Rights, Liudmyla Denisova stated.

The health of the Lymeshko illegally convicted in Crimea deteriorated rapidly. “Lymeshko has a skin disease, wounds pitted his hands, elbows, and legs. In addition, painful rashes appeared on his legs,” the Ombudswoman wrote on Facebook.

The Russian detention facility does not provide the necessary medical assistance to the prisoner, which contradicts guaranteed international standards for the treatment of convicted persons in prison, Denisova stated.

Denisova urgently pleaded to Tatyana Moskalkova, a Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, to press appropriate measures to facilitate in delivering a full medical assessment and qualified medical care and fully restore the prisoner’s rights.

Hennadiy Lymeshko is held at the Russian Stavropol Krai Correctional Colony #6. He was detained by Russian security forces in August 2017. Ukrainian is accused of alleged illegal manufacture and storage of explosives.

Source UATV
date 22.11.2019
categories Prisoners of Kremlin
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