How To Cook the Most Delicious Pumpkin Pie

American Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. And the traditional Pumpkin Pie usually takes a center spot at the dessert table. But what are the secrets to make this delicious pie?


The United States celebrates Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. For those looking to enjoy the quintessential American Thanksgiving dishes in Kyiv, America House is hosting a special cooking lesson.

Traditionally, the holiday is dedicated to the harvest and the preceding year. It’s also a great opportunity to bring people together.

“In the U.S. it actually became a National Holiday under Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War in an effort to unite a country torn by Civil War. So to me that holiday really represents coming together as a community, coming together with people that are close to you and it’s just a chance to share a meal together and to give things,” the director of the America House in Kyiv Christi Anne Hofland said.

Dozens of people gathered to watch Americans prepare the second most famous dish after the turkey, of course, and that’s pumpkin pie.

Hofland said that in order to make the perfect pie all you need is love and obviously a pumpkin. Afterward, she shared with us her own personal recipe.

“For a pumpkin pie, you start with a good crust underneath which is simple ingredients and then you have the pumpkin custard filling. In the United States many people use pumpkin from a can to actually prepare the custard filling but you can also actually take the pumpkin and prepare the pumpkin pie with that,” chef Kristine Nugent said.

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date 11.11.2018
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