Lviv Bakery Makes Cookies for People with Food Intolerance

The bakery was a laureate of the award "Created by Women" of the French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Its aimed at supporting female entrepreneurship in Ukraine


“Bake for others like you do it for yourself,” is the motto of Ruslana Rymarska’s business, Budmo Zdorovi. She came up with the idea of making gluten-free and lactose-free cookies when she learned that her nephew is lactose intolerant.

“I started this business because of children, and for children. As a mother, I wanted to be sure of the quality of the sweets they eat. Children want sweets all the time!” Rymarska said.

Few products like this are made in Ukraine. Rymarska’s brand was founded two years ago. Now, her cookies are sold in several retail chains and eco-friendly stores.

“We make our products for people who require products that are lactose-free and gluten-free. This is for both adults and children. We also try to get millennials interested in our products. They are always looking for new foods and try out different things easily,” She said.

Rymarska said Ukrainians don’t know much about these types of food sensitivities and intolerances. That is why entering the mass market may take some time.

“We need three years of the product’s life cycle – when people see it on the shelf, decide to buy it, and try it. And then loyalty for the product will appear. Now, I can say that the trend is growing, and I will make every effort to keep it growing,” she said.

She takes part in exhibitions abroad and wants her cookies to be sold across the world. For her success, she received an award from the French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Rymarska said that it was a pleasant surprise which proved that she is moving in the right direction.

date 14.03.2019
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