‘Cool Games’ in Kyiv

550 students from across Ukraine participated in a new sports project in Kyiv aimed at modernizing PE classes


Ukrainian athletes helped guide a new set of physical training classes for children that started with dynamic warm-up activities, part of the “Cool Games” sports competition in Kyiv.

“This project will be taken as the model, then there will be concrete tasks for teachers of physical training at all schools. And I think that physical training all around our country will start to change,” Illia Kvasha, bronze medalist in diving at Olympic Games 2008 said.

The “Cool Games” competition featured 550 students from 24 regions. Most of all, they enjoyed relay races, which are going through a new wave of popularity.

“I liked the race on hopper balls most of all,” said a participant from the Luhansk region, Suzanna.

“I liked the Tkach relay race. It’s when one person is standing in a hula hoop, and you have to pass them the ball and then they run and pass it to the next person,” said Maryana, from the Volyn region.

Participants competed in three age groups from 9-to-10, from 11-to-13, and from 14-to-17. The team from the Rivne region, who won in the senior category, will represent Ukraine at the World Educational Games in Athens in March 2019.

Source UATV
date 05.12.2018
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