Court Hearing on Pavlo Hryb Case Starts in Russia

Due to suffering from nausea and pain, he asked to postpone the trial



A court hearing on the case of Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Hryb started in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, a journalist of the Ukrainian news outlet Hromadske, who is currently in the courtroom, reported.

Due to his breakdown in the courtroom, an ambulance for Pavlo was called. The hearing was initially suspended, but later, the session continued, Hormadske reported.

“Since the last meeting, when I fell ill, nobody did anything, they took to me here and say that I am healthy. I ask you to postpone the meeting. I do not have to sit here and suffer from illnesses,” Hryb said.

Pavlo complains of bad health condition with no medical care provided. Due to suffering from nausea and pain, he asked to postpone the trial debate. In turn, the Russian prosecutors are requesting 6 years of imprisonment for the Ukrainian political prisoner.

“This morning they took me to a separate room in the pre-trial detention center. There is nothing there, they just closed me there. This is done in order to check my papers. There are special people for this. I have nothing like that there – only statements, my last word. I try to hold on, I believe that everything will be fine,” Hryb, a Ukrainian political prisoner said.

In August 2017, Ukrainian officer Ihor Hryb reported that Russian Special Forces captured his son in Belarus. Later it turned out that the 20-year-old Hryb is accused of terrorism using trumped-up charges.

Source Hromadske
date 21.03.2019
categories News releases, Prisoners of Kremlin
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