‘Creative Ukraine’ Forum Mixes Policy and Art

Technology, art and culture experts seek alignment of creative industries and state policy for better integration with EU markets.



Kyiv — “Creative Ukraine” has kicked off in the capital as entrepreneurs, international culture and economy experts, as well as civil society leaders, are taking part in panel talks. The third annual international forum is a platform for officials and experts to discuss state policy when it comes to creative industries.


“Creative Ukraine” gathered many experts and Ukrainian government officials to develop the country’s creative industries. One of the main points of discussion is the innovations and digitalization of art. Virtual reality, 3-D printing, artificial intelligence are now used as an effective tool to provide access to culture.

“Integration with common markets demands the proper legislative process. First of all, we need to identify legislation you need to adopt and when to align this legislation between the European Union and Ukraine,” Head of Political Section at Delegation of EU to Ukraine Artur Gebal said.

The government has to allocate more and more money to support creative people of Ukraine, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Volodymyr Borodiansky said.

He added that Ukraine’s cultural fund program has been injected with new finances. “It’s the development. The political side will go towards stimulating the creative side and attracting more Ukrainian producers and directors. The program of the Ukrainian literature institute will be slightly changed, but we will continue to support Ukrainian authors,” Borodiansky said.

The forum continues Friday November 15.

Source UATV
date 14.11.2019
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